Things Should Be Existed in a Radio Program

Things Should Be Existed in a Radio Program

Things Should Be Existed in a Radio Program – There are many elements that make a radio program success as the popular radio program out there. These elements should be existed and can be the fundamentals for the radio program, such as topic or genre of the program, radio announcer, the crew, the operating tools and more. All of these cannot be separated from one to another because all of the elements are part of the radio program itself.

1. The Topic

Choose the topic or genre of your radio program because it is the first thing you need to prepare before making a radio program. It can be anything, including the trend on online games site gets viral instantly.

The topic will be the borderline and make you work faster and easier to find the perfect issues related to the happening events that can be used as the headline of the program. There are many topics or genres that can be chosen for your radio programs, such as music, politics, and more.

Make sure that the topic is suitable for the program. The interesting and hot topic will always work well to gather the attention of the listeners. You need to do some researches on working on the topic of your program. Make sure that the topic is well known by most of the people so they can easily listen to it.

2. Radio Announcer

A radio show or program will not work well without the presence of the radio announcer. The profession of radio announcer can be seen as the mc and presenter on the television. A radio announcer has to be smart and attractive. He/she has to be able to live up the atmosphere to be bright and cheerful. A radio announcer needs to learn as much as he/she can before bringing the program. The pronunciation should be clear so that the listener can catch every word from the radio announcer.

The radio announcer also has to be familiar with the tools on the radio broadcast. In fact, the radio announcer has to operate the computer to play the song or operate the program during his/ her show. The announcer should be familiar with the tools before starting the show. It is important that the radio announcer doesn’t do any mistake during his live show.

There are many elements should be existed during the radio program. Some of them are topics and radio announcer. Two of these elements are the basis of the radio show or program. The topic will be the borderline and make you work faster and easier to find the perfect issues related to the happening events that can be used as the headline of the program. A radio announcer has to be smart and attractive.

Recommended Radio Shows about Finance
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Recommended Radio Shows about Finance

Radio show is more than a source of entertainment. It can also be a source of information. Therefore, we should choose the right radio show that could accommodate those two things at the same time. Of all radio shows, what are the recommended ones? Well, check the following radio shows about finance below that could make your smarter and entertained. – The Dave Ramsey and and Jack Blood Show To begin with, let’s check this radio show named The Dave Ramsey Show and jack Blood show. This is a 3-hour radio show has aired financial talks. Serving over 8 million listeners, this show focuses its talk on money and financing related news. As the name of the radio show suggests, the announcer of this program is Dave Ramsey. This announcer is famous for his spiritual and emotional approach to the discussions of finance and to help the listeners connect to his talking instead of just making the listeners focus on the mathematical aspect of finance. The way Dave Ramsey and builds connection with his audience is what makes him and the show popular. He is well known for his ability in giving financing advice in an understandable, easy, and digestible way. During the show, Dave Ramsey usually responds to many live calls. Through the live calls, he provides financial advice on a couple of different topics. Recommended Radio Shows about Finance– Marketplace Next up, you should check out Marketplace. This radio show has aired since 1989. Established in California, this radio show is called a nationally syndicated program. This show was established. Since it was launched, it has had lots of different hosts in many years. Some of the hosts of this radio show are Kai Ryssdal, Lizzie O’Leary, David Brancaccio, and also Ben Johnson. At the moment, the host of this radio station is Ryssdal. This radio show primarily focuses on money advice and business news. The show features some regular reports focusing on distinctive business news aspects. In addition to that, this radio show also features short commentaries providing the listeners with political perspectives on the latest topics in the world. As a radio show with a rigid format, the show provides the listeners with information in a concise way. If you are into finance thing, you surely shouldn’t miss these two radio shows. The Dave Ramsey and Marketplace have their own interesting and unique way to present and enrich the listeners with financing advices. Choose the one you like most!
Best Radio News Program to Start Your Day
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Best Radio News Program to Start Your Day

New day is coming. It is a new start for us. But wait! How are we supposed to start our new day with excitement? Well, while you can surely do plenty of things, why don’t you try start a new day with this radio news program named On Air with Doug, Jen, and Victoria? Start your new day with lots of fun and excitement by listening to this talk. Here is what it’s about:

– On Air with Doug, Jen, and Victoria in Brief
To begin with, let’s find out what kind of radio news program it is. So, On Air with Doug, Jen, and Victoria is a radio program from Radio America. It is a daily morning program that provides its listeners with lots of pure positive and fun conversation to begin their new days. The show or the talk airs every day for 6 hours, from 4 a.m. until 10 a.m. EST.

As the name of the show suggests, the announcers of this radio program are Doug Stephan, Jen Horn, and Victoria Keelan. Every day they deliver plenty of passionate discussions on topics that could activate their listeners the most in the daily lives. Each of the announcers brings a different perspective to their highly fruitful and entertaining talks.

This radio show, although has specific daily agenda, is really customizable by daypart to fit any needs of the station and the listeners. Through all the talks, the announcers want to create a unique listening experience for their listeners.

– The Themes of the Shows
Starting a new day is great with exciting and enriching talks. How about this radio news program? What themes does it offer every day? How do the announcers bring those themes into live?

Through their distinctive perspective, the announcers always make sure that they could always provide entertaining conversations. The themes of the topics of the talks are very various. It ranges from pop culture, astrology, entertainment, technology, health, travel, pets, home improvement, finances, and many more others.

Best Radio News Program to Start Your Day

In addition to that, the show also covers other topics from that are tailored to suit various formats such as classic hits, adult contemporary, oldies, fashion and beauty, the background of pop culture, world events, politics, hot AC, and many others, all of which are presented with an awesome sense of humor from the announcers.

Don’t let your day start without any excitement and interesting entertainment. Go play Radio American to get the best radio news program to start your new day!

When a Radio Program Combines Information and Entertainment
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When a Radio Program Combines Information and Entertainment

What’s your favorite radio program? What makes you like it and what’s so enriching about it? A radio shows supposed to provide us with entertaining talks. However, it’s also important that radio show also becomes informative. For listening to both informative and entertaining show, we should head to When Radio Was. Find it in details below:

– What When Radio Was Has in Store
This radio program is one of the products of Radio America. This radio show provides listeners with the greatest of Radios Golden Age. The show is packed with iconic characters, classic performers, and also top-flight story-telling. This radio show is surely a timeless entertainment.

Each broadcast of this radio show always features those shows having their special kinds of “life”. The shows of this radio program are the ones that will always be remembered by the generations to come. Why so? It is because the programs are always been digitally restored and remastered to give listeners an optimum enjoyment.

This radio show has aired for decades. Since its original airdates, this radio show has offered plenty of pure entertainment that is thrilling and fresh everyday as the show is back in radios heyday. To listen to this radio show, you should stand by every Tuesday until Saturday, at 2 û 4 AM (ET).

– The Topics
Now, let’s go to the topics of this radio show. In general, there are three general topics of this radio show. They are Drama, Mysteries, Westerns, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Comedy Classics, and Detectives and Crime Fighters. All of those topics are set to provide the listeners with both entertainment and information. So, while updating knowledge about those topics, listeners could also have an entertainment.

When a Radio Program Combines Information and Entertainment

Drama, Mysteries, Westerns, Sci-Fi, Thrillers cover classic western adventure, chilling horror in Lights Out, Hollywood’s top starts in the Playhouse of the Screen Director, and many more. Meanwhile, Comedy Classics provides a talk with laugh and great performers such as Abbott and Costello, Jack Benny, Our Miss Brooks, Red Skelton, Burns & Allen, and much more. Then Detectives and Crime Fighters will bring the listeners back to the crime scene of the Shadow, The Green Hornet, Sam Spade, Sherlock Holmes, Gang Busters, and much more.

This radio show is great for those who have limited time to listen to radio. When Radio Was is such a complete radio program that could cover both entertainment and information. This radio show seems to say be entertained and informed at the same time.

Americas Archive The Jack Blood Show

The Jack Blood Show / Archives etc … Now Totally INDY / DIY (How to tune in et al)


Blood  Show Logo


After 19 years of broadcasting on stations owned by others, being blackballed, used, and put through the ringers….. I finally did what I should have done back in 2007. Starting my own stream!


Radio Free Blood carries the exclusive broadcast of The Jack Blood Show, Monday though Friday at 3 PM ET. On our newly formatted show, you will hear NO commercial interruptions, No censorship, No agendas…. Just a near perfect peer to server quality broadcast of Talk, News bytes, and music production. The show can go as long as our usual 2 hours, or it has gone as long as 9 hours. (That’s right, no more crappy re-Skype quality used on nearly every other alternative radio station now.!)

Other than the 3PM ET (M – F) edition of THE JACK BLOOD SHOW, nothing else is “Scheduled” because there is no schedule. We just pop up when something is cool, or important is happening.

We have been keeping this all relatively quiet until we could work out some of the bugs. Close enough. Now we want you to join us, and help promote this unique radio airscape.

You can find our live player on OR if you have an older computer, outdated flash player etc… you can listen directly on our news site:


1) We have a LIVE Chat room, so you can make requests, share real time info, enter questions, and meet and greet other listeners of the live pop up format.

2) When you sign up to “follow us”, we notify you every time we are on the air. On some computers, the show will just “pop up” and start playing without you doing anything. Every time.

3) You can download the APP for phones.

4) You can raid our “SHOWREEL” (archives) to hear what we have done anytime you are ready to hear it.

5) You can embed our player anywhere you like.

6) You can share our player on social media, and your friends can listen from there.

7) You will also get to hear LIVE simulcasts of ALL Jack Blood shows, and radio appearances! (Including the monthly edition of “Blood n Guts” with Meria Heller, and The Power Hour w/ Jack Blood (and Guests / callers), every Thursday Morning on GCN…)

8) Its free, though if you like what you are getting, it is suggested that you freely donate every month. (AKA: The honor system) Most people send e payments to or write us there for mailing details. We should have a repetitive pay button there very soon.

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RFB can POP UP anytime. We have guest DJs, hours long blocks of uncensored music you are not getting anywhere else… RFB will also POP UP to cover and analyze breaking news, impromptu celebrity interviews, or live protests.

You might hear audio books, classic radio dramas, or audio documentaries…

Its as easy as signing in to follow RADIO FREE BLOOD, and we do the rest. No more buttons to push, searching around, or setting your watch.


We greatly appreciate your support in this new endeavor, and know you will find that this is about the coolest thing we have done in at least 11 years. With your help we can continue our outreach, and consistently go forward, and not back.

I also wish to thank all of the people that helped us, and supported us through the years. Without YOU we would have been eradicated long ago.