Best Radio News Program about Business You Should Listen to

What do you usually listen from the radio? Is it songs? Is it advertisement? Is it a campaign? Although they are all surely entertaining, you, especially businessmen, shouldn’t miss radio news program talking about business. Make sure you are always updated with the world’s current trend of business. Let’s see this radio program in details below:

Introducing Business Rockstars
Yes, it is Business Rockstars, a radio program from Radio America. This radio program focuses its talk on the business and all related topics. There is one lead announcer and lots of correspondents for this radio program. Each of the correspondents bring different talking topic for the listeners. The topics are surely the area at which the announcers are expert at.

The lead announcer of this show is Alex Wehrley. She is deemed Los Angeles Business Journal’s “20 in their Twenties”. Besides, she is the founder of a multimedia movement called #Empowerista.

Meanwhile, one of the correspondents of the show is Pat O’Brien. He is New York Times best-selling author and also a Veteran TV Personality. Pat is one of regular correspondent of the show. In addition to Pat O’Brien, there are lots more hots and correspondents of the show. They are Mark Lack the entrepreneur and best-selling author, Thuy Vu, the 5-time Emmy award winning and TV News Anchor, Darren Kavinoky, a super lawyer and Bravo TV host, Laurel Mintz the CEO of Elevate My Brand, James Sun the BBC TV’s Sun Tzu’s ART of War, Rach’ll McCord, The Influencer of McCord List, and many more others.

The Talking Topics
Seeing the name of the anchor and the correspondents, we could already know that the topics of the show would be so rich and important. Now let’s see the topics in details.

The lead anchor, Alex Wehrley, features lots of talking topics about women empowerment. As a founder of women empowerment movement, she highlights the way women could connect to each other. Alex also provides the listeners with plenty of talks on connecting purposeful and powerful women to each other in various networking events.

Meanwhile, when Pat O’Brien comes as a correspondent of the show, he will talk about the current trend in business that can suit the business needs of millions of households, the listeners.

Business Rockstarts is surely a news radio program that you shouldn’t miss. Listening to this show could enrich your knowledge in various topics, especially the one about business and women empowerment. Listen to this radio every Monday to Friday, at 10 am รป 12 pm.