Economy Theme Radio Show in America That You Should Try to Hear

There are many interesting radio channel in America. Some of them offers interesting shows to be hear. From many types of genres of entertainment to a more serious matters such as poltics, economy and so on. Of course, if you are interested in economy we are here to give you some insight on some of the best radio in America that offers economics theme so you can find the best information about economy in the states. The following are some radio stations in America that discuss economics that you must listen to.

This is a station that covers the Washington DC Metro area with waves of 105.9 FM and 630 AM. WMAL FM is fully operated by Cumulus Media which has studios on 44000 Jenifer Street NW – Washington, about two blocks from the Maryland city border, while its radio transmitter is located in Falls Church – Virginia. The routine program every morning is Morning in Mall with Vince Coglianese and Mary Walter as the publishers, they bring a relaxed program with various light topics in everyday life in America. As for events that discuss routine economic topics broadcast on weekends, all discussed about the economy both in America and the world, currencies, investment and property, plantations, and the best business opportunities at that time.

This one is a non-commercial public radio station owned by San Diego State University, broadcasts in waves 89.5 FM in La Jolla and 97.7 MHz for the Calexico – Imperial County region. It is also known that starting May 23, 2011 this station no longer broadcasts classical music programs that have been filling hours of curfew and moving them on online channels that can be accessed via the internet, KPBS FM is also affiliated with national radio with programs consisting of news and everything business about american politics.

3. Wall Street Journal Radio
Although it cannot be said to be purely a radio station, the Wall Street Journal Radio is a network that presents complete data calmly everything that happens to the American and world economies. Owned by Dow Jones, this network serves more than 400 radio stations that come from all of North America with various programs each.

Usually broadcast in Visalia – California, this one radio station is on wave 94.1 FM which has several music programs and economic news from various news references available.