What Happens to the Jack Blood Radio Air Show?

Radio stations seem to be inseparable from human life. People may usually get new information and insights by listening to the news which is broadcasted by particular radio shows. Radio shows, then, must have their own topics to accommodate their listeners in particular interests. One of the recommended radio shows which talk about political issues is the Jack Blood Radio Show. Yet, this radio has been closed. So, what happens to the Jack Blood Radio Air Show?

Who is Jack Blood?
Jack Blood is the announcer of the Jack Blood Radio Show. This radio show is one of the recommended radio shows which discusses politics. Jack Blood, himself, has been being a radio talk show host for more than fourteen years. During Jack BloodÆs journeys as a radio talk show announcer, he has interviewed some top experts, investigate reporters, researchers, artists, historians, political “policy makers” and historians.

What happens to the Jack Blood Radio Show?
Unfortunately, this controversial program was just pulled from the GCN network. There must be a reason behind it. Jack Blood admitted that the reason why his program was recently pulled out is that of the disapproval of one of his advertisers namely “Neo-Cons Gone Wild” from the GCN.

This advertiser is about an animated satire of our political establishment. Then, the radio show was pulled from the permission of airing and also pulled from the ad which is contracted. The fact that the Jack Blood radio show has been pulled over might sound so heartbreaking for its fans. However, they are not supposed to worry since this amazing air show is up and running now.

Jack Blood stated that the air show will be going to re-launch from the WFU network. However, according to the information which is found on the website, this radio show is still closed. It is stated that this radio show has been collecting the funding for the Jack Blood Show.

Further, this radio show is still looking for new equipment or software which are able to improve the radio show and support the fund of the websites. In addition, the Jack Blood Radio Show also needs a new studio location for the uncensored radio and television. Not to mention, Jack Blood, as the announcer and manager of this radio show, still endeavors to echo his campaigns.

The explanation above seems to be the good answer to the question “what happens to the Jack Blood Radio Air Show?”. Many sides need to take more endeavors in order to let this radio show re-arise.