Top 5 Best Pop Radio Stations You Want to Check Out Today

Top 5 Best Pop Radio Stations You Want to Check Out Today – Radio is the core when it comes to pop music and top 40 songs. It always has been, and it seems like it is going to remain unchanged at least for several years more. Among so many stations to look up to, the following stations can be considered the best on the field. Can be accessed online now, it is even easier to listen to the programs.
If you know Ryan Seacrest, then you should know that KIIS is the home radio of this popular host. This radio is based in Los Angeles, and it often hosts interviews with great guests and artists on air. This radio has been around since 1948. Ryan Seacrest replaces DJ Rick Dees back in 2004 and stays as the main host in this radio until today.

• Z100
This radio station is based in New York and currently one of the biggest radio stations in pop music industry. Today, its top 40 format program is widely known and listened to, making DJ Elvis Duran more popular.

• BBC Radio 1
It was launched by BBC back in 1967, and it has been one of the most listened radios since 1970s. Until today, BBC Radio 1 broadcasts song charts that capture the attention of the pop music industry. What they broadcast become more like how they determine which songs and which artists will be the new hits.

• B96
This radio station is based in Chicago and it hasn’t always been in the pop music industry. It has been around since 1941, but it is officially on dance and music pop industry since 1980s. Back in 2008, B96 starts to fully adopt the top 40 mainstream format, and hosts Summer Bash every year. Since then, it is just as popular as online betting games.

• Sirius XM
This radio was first launched back in 2002. This is a satellite radio which is also subscription based and commercial free, how fun! This radio station also adopts top 40 format program called the Sirius XM Hits 1. Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy hosts a weekly program in this radio and you should find many pop artists featured as on air guests.

If you like pop music so much, you should try listening to one of these radios. You can enjoy the latest hits all day while finding out who is going to lit next.